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As a photographer, working here on Santorini for many years, I still constantly find new inspiration for shooting interesting and original images.

Santorini offers many different beautiful locations; white washed churches with blue domes, rugged coastlines with black beaches, windmills and the famous Santorini vineyards to name but a few. The scenery offers the most amazing backdrop for your professional photo shoot. Memories to keep forever.

Rebecca & Jessie-17
Rebecca & Jessie-1
Rebecca & Jessie-7
Rebecca & Jessie-15
Rebecca & Jessie-14
Weddings in Dana Villas
Weddings (12 of 15)
Barbara & Andre-5
Barbara & Andre-1
Barbara & Andre-7
Weddings (15 of 15)
Sara & Nick in Oia, Santorini.
Shadows of love in Oia, Santorini
Trash the Dress, Akrotiri,Santorini
Old Fashion Santorini
Lucy & George-Honeymoon, Santorini
Lucy & George
Lucy & George-4
Lucy & George
Lucy & George
Lucy & George
Lucy & George-13
Lucy & George
Ms Wencan-4
Honeymoon session
Just married gettin' fun
Ms Wencan
On location.. with a kite!
Santorini weddings-10 - Copia
Santorini weddings
Photosession on location
Santorini weddings-3 - Copia
Santorini weddings - Copia
Santrini weddings 7
Santrini weddings 6
Beatriz & Raphael-21
Lara & Victor-20
Beatriz & Raphael-45
Bride by St George church, Santorini
Beatriz & Raphael-34
Beatriz & Raphael-21
Religious wedding in Aghia Ana, Fira
Beatriz & Raphael-35
Lara & Victor-29
#Wedding in Santorini
Wedding dress and flowers
Beatriz & Raphael-8
Santorini weddings-5
Weddings in Italy 2
Weddings R 14
Weddings in Santorini (3 of 1)
Santorini weddings-47
Caroline & Raphael at Dana Villas
#Santorini weddings-46
Playing for bride & groom
Santorini weddings 1
Where the wind blows
Mariana & Marcelo-5
Mariana & Marcelo-48
Mariana & Ale 15
Shadows in Santorini
Santrini weddings 30
Santorini weddings-37
Wedding in Santorini -22
Religious ceremony, Aghia Ana,Fira
Santorini weddings
Wedding in Oia (Santorini)
Weddings in Italy
Bride comes on a donkey.
Santorini weddings
Nice & Victor -Andronis_-6
Double wedding at Villa Irini
 Veronica & Mirko-Dana Villas-2463
Hanna & Andy-5
Mariana & Ale-8
Mariana & Ale-4
Veronica - Mirko
weddins in Santorini 3 (1 of 2)
Santorini weddings-6
#Santorini weddings-50
Weddings in Santorini-95
Santorini weddings-3
Santorini weddings-14
Getting Ready 1
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