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On Location


Santorini offers many different beautiful locations; white washed churches with blue domes, rugged coastlines with black beaches, windmills and the famous Santorini vineyards to name but a few. The scenery offers the most amazing backdrop for your professional photo shoot. Memories to keep forever.


Santorini's blue sea and open blue skies, together with the unique architecture of the island, make it one of the most romantic places on earth and the perfect setting for wedding ceremonies.

As a photographer, I take great delight in capturing the moment when two people declare true love to each other, recording it for prosperity.

Into the Wild

Let me take you on a photo shoot to the most breathtakingly beautiful locations on Santorini.

The perfect way to celebrate your engagment or honeymoon, or just the fact that you are happy to be alive and together on such an amazing island.

What better souvenir to take home than a set of photographs shot by a professional photographer as a reminder of your trip

Personal Photo Book

Together we can create a great portfolio of you looking your very best, in the most stunning locations on Santorini.

A collection of photographs, shot by a professional photographer, with the amazing backdrop of the island, to take home with you to share with your friends and family, for use on social media or for promotional material.

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